Response: Is Christopher Nolan overrated?

Knowing my penchant for argument, my friend sent me this ScoopWhoop article claiming Christopher Nolan as a vastly overrated filmmaker early today Morning: As any true Christopher Nolan worshiper, I have the compulsion to reply to this article with my own. First of all, the article starts by stating a quote by Oscar Wilde – […]

‘Stories’ and Social Amnesia – Neither in the moment nor after

If you’d been following OutFocus regularly you’ve noticed that we didn’t publish stories since December 31st. You thought maybe we’d forgotten. We did not. We’ve been busy. As some may know, we had a new update to the website talked about in this blog post. We’re also working on something we’ll announce some time next […]

What kind of human do we want to create?

It’s Christmas eve, so hope everyone is having a fun time. But, there’s always the existential questions that come out at the perfectly not-right timing. I recently finished watching West World and my friend promptly suggested that this question might be an after effect of that, but this has been a question in the back […]

Fantastic beasts and where to find them – a sinful review

So my cousin had this idea of taking me to this prequel to the Harry Potter world – Fantastic beasts and where to find them. I didn’t expect much and I’ve always not had the Harry Potter series in my top favourites list, but this was a new low. I can’t even list out all […]