VTV 2 is on the cards! Gowtham Menon confirms.

Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya 2010 (“Will you cross the skies for me?”) was unarguably one of the most loved and spoken about Tamil romantic movies of all time. Shot simultaneously in Telugu as Ye Maaya Chesave (“What magic have you done?”) and later remade in Hindi as Ekk Deewana Tha 2012 (There was a crazy lover”) in  Hindi, it was a huge success grossing 100 Cr rupees in Tamil aloneˆ. Portraying the story of a typical Karthick (Silambarasan and Jessie, the movie follows the complicated relationship between a Hindu boy and film aspirant and a conservative Malayali Christian girl. As VTV quickly became the popular symbol of youth love and heartbreak, pages like these came around: VTV2. After limitless requests for a VTV 2, news came around last year saying VTV 2 is under the bonnet. The project never having surfaced, fans generally let go of the idea of a VTV 2 and moved on… Until yesterday.

And then this happened:


[Video from a student of SMVEC]

Gowtham Vasudhev Menon at the college day at SMVEC, Pondichery, yesterday (8th February 2016) teased that he has a script in which Karthick (Simbu) and Jessie (Trisha) meet 7 years after Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya. He mentioned that Simbu is one of four heroes in this upcoming flick which he will be directing from December this year. Given the notorious tendency of GVM and Simbu to delay, drop and/or move on from projects, we do sincerely hope this is a go. He did seem a lot convincing, but December is still a long way to go. Until then, join us and sit tight.

Also it is expected that the reboot will be only in Tamil as the Ye Maaya Chesave had a conclusion.


What do you expect from this movie?

Will it be a VTV 2? Comments below!



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